Las Vegas Player’s Club Tier Matches (2023 Update)


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As mentioned on the Vegas Player’s Club Tier Matching post, tier matching can be a great way to get your foot in the door at other casinos’ player’s clubs. I recently returned from a trip to Vegas (March 2023) and wanted to share my tier matching experience. But first, here are some things to note:

  • I visit Vegas on average 3-4 times a year and have been visiting Vegas on this cadence for several years.
  • My pure gambling budget during each trip is around $2,000. This is cash that I bring with me and assume will lose. This is NOT “coin-in.”
  • I have been a staunch supporter of, and am overall happy with, the Venetian/Palazzo property and currently hold the Grazie Elite tier.
  • Experiences may vary as tier matching is at the complete discretion of the casino you’re matching at and can change at any time.

With that being said, during my trip, I decided to see what other casinos offered with their tier matching programs. I only tried a few, but the results below were a bit surprising.

Resorts World “A-Lister” –

  • Received tier match to Genting Rewards “A-Lister” status. 4th highest of 6 tiers. Normally, earned by getting 450,000+ Genting Base Points.
  • Received card for someone in customer relations (host etc.) to contact about potential comped rooms on next trip.
  • Higher than I expected.

MGM Platinum –

  • Received tier match to MGM Rewards Platinum status. 4th highest of 5 tiers. Highest tier possible without being invited to Noir tier. Normally, earned by getting 200,000 tier credits.
  • Much higher than anticipated but I have to actually earn 200,000 credits by June 30th, 2023 to keep the status. Not happening…
  • Website showed matches from Grazie Elite to MGM Pearl so I am unsure how I got Platinum. Regardless, the “big” perks of Platinum (airfare credit etc.) are only unlocked after actually earning the required tier credits.

Caesar’s – No Match –

  • Did not receive a match. The current tier match offer is only valid for NEW members but otherwise a great deal in my opinion. I had a card I never used from 2010 and it removed me from the running for a tier match. Disappointing, but I get it. Another topic for another day.
  • Website says only “Paiza Gold” tier is eligible for matching.

I did gamble a little at each spot, but very minimal, maybe $100-200. I am now getting 2-night comped offers in my Resorts World app. Spent about the same at MGM right after I matched and have received no offers. I fully did not expect to receive offers by simply tier matching but was pleasantly surprised by the Resorts World offer I have received since contacting the host from the card they gave me. I rather enjoyed playing there as well.

Comment below which tier matches you’re interested in and I may be able to try a few more on my next trip.

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